Courteney Cox may be best known for playing Monica Geller on Friends, but she was in show biz way before the series kicked off, and her pay stubs show it.

The actress starred in a slew of TV shows and movies before the 1994 premiere, including Family Ties as well asher iconic breakout role as a stage-crashing fan in Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" video which premiered in 1984. According to The Richest, Cox has an approximate net worth of $75 million.

Courteney Cox lead
Credit: Donna Ward

Impressive, no? During her time on Friends, Cox and the rest of the cast made as much as $1 million an episode, according to Forbes.

It's not at all shocking that Cox brings in her fair share, considering she's gone on to have lead roles in the Scream franchise, as well as Cougar Town. It's been reported that she earned as much as $275,000 per episode of the ABC series, according to The Richest.

It's good to see she takes home what she deserves.