Skincare is serious business.


Taking time for yourself just reached a whole new level with Courteney Cox. The actor wasn't going to leave her self-care routine at home when something like a jade roller is so portable. According to Vogue, Cox was seen using her roller while she was waiting at Cipriani in New York City, putting everyone else's skincare routines to shame.

Vogue notes that jade rollers, which are much more common in bathrooms across the world than they are in big-name restaurants, help combat "puffy, tired, or inflamed skin." The tech isn't anything new. Jade rollers have been around in China since the seventh century. Cox used a pink one, most likely rose quartz, in what could have been a preemptive move. Rollers stimulate the lymphatic system, which brightens skin, tightens up pores, and reduces the appearance of fine lines thanks to increased circulation. We all know that a salty or carb-filled meal can lead to major puffiness — maybe Cox was just prepping for some good eats?

Courteney Cox Jade Roller

Herbivore Botanicals, a green skincare brand that offers its own version of the jade roller, also claims that rolling can help products, like serums and oils, sink in and be more effective. It's something that'll probably come in handy for people who use the roller during a more bathroom-focused skincare routine with a bevy of products, not an impromptu session while waiting for a table à la Cox.

Cox's dining companions seemed to be riveted by her commitment to her complexion. The magazine added that she was demonstrating her technique to onlookers and that the whole ritual was the perfect conversation starter. No need to discuss politics and climate change when there are inflammation and puffiness to deal with.