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By Isabel Jones
Updated Apr 05, 2019 @ 4:00 pm

Courteney Cox began her Instagram journey in late January and we’ve been frantically double-tapping her content ever since. We’ve always loved the Friends alum, but we never truly knew her until she made her social media debut. Before, she was but a kind and talented face floating to the surface in a pool of ‘90s breakout stars — but now, she’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-owning, nostalgia-baiting social media *icon*.

Busy Tonight - Season 1
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Though Cox has just 43 posts so far, her Instagram footprint tells a story — one of a mother, daughter, and Friends superfan.

Follow along below as we deconstruct Courteney’s carefully curated IG persona.

I’ll Be There for [Likes]

The very first photo Cox posted was of herself, Friends co-star and bestie Lisa Kudrow, and Ellen DeGeneres sitting in Central Perk — in fact, they staged the shot for that very purpose, as a fitting welcome to the platform. Since then, Court’s leaned on the sitcom nostalgia (HARD), reenacting the iconic “Pivot!” scene from “The One with the Cop,” sharing a video of herself outside the Friends apartment building exterior (transitional “back from commercial” music included), and even posting a hilarious meme of six people who all bear a ~vague~ likeness to the show’s core cast, dubbed “Acquaintances” in the series’ signature title font.

Unlike many celebrities who are best known for a single role, Cox shows no signs of distancing herself from Monica Geller — in fact, her IG profile photo is a headshot of the throwback version of her Friends character, "Fat Monica." (Yeah, that backstory did not age well.)

Credit: NBC/Getty Images

The long-running sitcom still clearly means a lot to Cox — and she made some of her closest pals while filming.

We love that she’s embracing her place in TV history, and hope she gets Kudrow or Jennifer Aniston to join in on the fun.


Court has two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and they are an absolute dream. They love to play and eat carrots and they even let mom exploit their bad hair days for the sake of the ‘gram.

Sir Pippin of Beanfield better sleep with one eye open — these pups are comin’ for his crown.

The Welcome Throwback

Though she’s new to the platform, Cox already knows exactly what her audience wants: a worthy #tbt. The actress’s archival content runs the gamut from childhood moments, glimpses at her days of early stardom, and grade-A mom memories.


The Reminder That While Stars Are Just Like Us, They’re Also Members of an Elite Club We’d Never Get Into

Like most celebrities, Courteney’s feed serves as a platform to showcase her many friendships with fellow famouses.

Hello, Laura Dern!

Hiii, Ed Sheeran (?).

Yo, Isla Fisher.

O, the Montages

Cox learned some video editing basics and decided to share her burgeoning skill with 1.6 million of her closest friends.

Court loves celery juice, snapping sly pics of old ladies, and curbing litter — all this and more can be gleaned from her video ode to N.Y.C.:

The Friends alum and her 14-year-old daughter, Coco, recently took a trip to the Bahamas — they spent their days admiring rogue roosters and coastal cowboys:

We’d probably survive without Cox’s video montages, but it would be difficult to truly thrive in a world devoid of her clip-art commentary.