She has a little help from her friends.


It looks like more and more big-name stars are embracing social media. Famously reclusive Jake Gyllenhaal did it. Now, Courteney Cox is joining in. Fans can thank Ellen DeGeneres for that, because the talk show host managed to convince Cox to do it — well, with a little help from a friend. The first photo on Cox's official Instagram page doesn't just feature DeGeneres, Lisa Kudrow made an appearance, too.

And the Friends fun doesn't stop there. Her second photo is a Boomerang of Cox and Kudrow, arms around each others' waists and hair flipping in a continuous loop worthy of a shampoo commercial.

Courteney Cox Jimmy Kimmel Live
Credit: Randy Holmes/Getty Images

In her stories, she's embracing everything 2019 has to offer. She's not only juicing. She's making celery juice, the green sip of choice this year. In her first story, she's wearing a white robe in her kitchen and shoving celery stalks into a juicer. Welcome to social media, Court, where every green juice is worthy of post.

The new social media activity happens to coincide with Cox's latest project: 9 Months with Courteney Cox, a new series on Facebook Watch. It's clear that Cox is ramping things up on just about every platform to get the word out. Her IG bio is a link to the series, so she's definitely mastering the art of cross-platform synergy.