Courteney Cox Is as Excited for the Friends Reunion as You

Everything is coming together.

After last week's news that the Friends reunion is officially a go, Courteney Cox said that fans aren't the only ones excited about getting the gang back together. During an appearance on Kevin Nealon's web series, Hiking with Kevin, she said that the special sit-down is going to be the first time that the cast has actually come together to talk about the experience of making the beloved '90s sitcom.

"So the exciting thing is that we’re all going to get together for the first time, in a room, and actually talk about the show, and it’s going to be on HBO Max, and I’m so excited," she said in a clip shared by E! News.

HBO confirmed that the entire cast, which includes Cox along with Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc, will reconvene at the show's original soundstage for the special. It'll mark the first official reunion for the cast, minus the times that they hang out on their own and document it all on social media.

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“We’re going to have the best time. It’s going to be great,” Cox added. “But we really haven't all done that and actually sat there and talked about and reminisced about this incredible experience that we had. It's gonna be fantastic."

The last time that the group got together, according to People, was last October. Cox called it the "ideal" reunion, because it was a casual dinner at her house in Malibu. No cameras — except for the cameraphones — just real-life friends.

"The ideal for me — and we just actually recently did this, and it took forever. I don't know how many years it was, maybe 15 years — and we finally all got together and had dinner," Cox said. "And when we get together, which is never … it just doesn’t happen very often, like twice since we ended the show — it's just the most fun. We laugh so hard."

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