The One Where Courteney Cox's Friends Throwback Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

"'The Last Supper' before taping 'The Last One.'"

The Friends cast has been known to share several behind-the-scenes snaps from their time on the show here and there. But Courteney Cox's latest peek into the world of Friends may have you wiping away a few tears.

The actress took to Instagram to post a throwback photo from the Friends' cast's final dinner together ahead of filming the series finale in 2004. Wow, has it already been 16 years? Time flies when you're binge-watching one of the greatest sitcoms of all time.

“‘The Last Supper’ before taping ‘The Last One’ on Jan 23, 2004. #tbt #friends,” Cox captioned the photo, which finds her sitting alongside Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc chowing down together on a lavish buffet.

Aniston saw the snap and reacted the way many of us likely did, with a series of crying emoji. We feel your pain, "Rachel!"

The next photo in the series is a snapshot of the episode's script, which would make any Friends fan get emotional.

This snap comes at an especially fragile time for fans, given that the entirety of Friends was removed from Netflix at the beginning of 2020. While it's planned to return on WarnerMedia's upcoming streaming service HBO Max in May, the departure has left viewers effectively Friends-less until then.

While there's been rumblings of a potential reunion for years now, HBO Max's Chief Content Officer Kevin Reilly noted that there's indeed "interest" in a reunion special, but not enough to go ahead and bring it to fruition. Seems a bit hard to believe, but unfortunately it's not set in stone.

"There’s interest all the way around, and yet we can’t get interest all aligned to push the button on it," Reilly said at the Television Critics Association. "Today, unfortunately, it’s still a maybe."

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