Courteney Cox Posted the Friends-Big Little Lies Crossover You Didn't Know You Needed

Is prestige Instagram a thing?

Courteney Cox's Instagram is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only has she given every Friends fan an impromptu Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe reunion, she's giving fans of Big Little Lies something to double-tap, too. In her latest post, Cox is bringing together two major TV casts, all in the name of celebrating July 4th. The photo in question features her pal Jennifer Aniston as well as BLL's Laura Dern. And just for fun, there's a dash of Suzanne Somers and jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer. It's tough to top this star-studded celebratory selfie.

"Happy 4th everyone! I'm lucky to be spending it with so many girls that I love," Cox wrote alongside the photo. It's not the first time that Aniston, her real-life friend, has made a cameo on Cox's feed. When she initially joined IG back in March, Cox actually revealed that it was Aniston who encouraged her to get on the platform. It's unclear why Jen pushed Cox to get on Instagram, since she doesn't have an account yet — that we know of, anyway.

Courteney Cox Posted the Friends-Big Little Lies Crossover You Didn't Know You Needed
George Pimentel/Getty Images

"I was at Jennifer’s house," Cox said during an appearance on Busy Phillipps's talk show, Busy Tonight. "She's like, 'Post that now and see what happens,' because she's not on Instagram yet. I'm thinking to myself, it's probably better to post this between 9 and 12 because that's where my fans are. But I didn't, I posted it late at night and it's still — it worked."

"Awww. happy 4th!" fellow Friends alum Lisa Kudrow wrote in the comments.

Last month, the Friends castmates made another cameo on Cox's account. "Trying to figure out what to say on Instagram….#gotnothing #friends #girlsnight," Cox captioned a selfie that featured her alongside Kudrow and Aniston tangled together during a night out. Before that, Meyer posted a similar snapshot to celebrate Cox's birthday that featured many of the same key players. Cox has appeared on Kudrow's feed, too, so it's clear that everyone involved is getting a piece of the action and just spreading the love as often as they can.

Since Cox has mentioned that a Friends reunion isn't really in the cards, these snaps are as close as fans are going to get. Plus, just like on the show, an occasional A-lister pops in just for fun. Who needs Central Perk?

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