Courteney Cox Gets Candid About a Friends Reunion and Her 14-Year-Old Daughter's Acting Ambitions

Courteney Cox's stellar career has very literally paid off, and it's a great model for aspiring actresses to follow — including Cox's own 14-year-old daughter, Coco Arquette.

"Coco is really into musical theater and she's done probably 22 plays already," Cox told ET of her daughter's ambitions on Tuesday. "She's obsessed even more than her school work."

"She was in Addams Family. She just got the part of Mimi in Rent, so she's really excited," she added. "That's her passion and I would do anything to continue to help support women in this industry. She's having the same issues and has all the opportunities she deserves."

Courteney Cox and Coco Arquette lead
Gregg DeGuire

As an extra treat, Cox also took time to dish about a potential Friends reunion. While she's down to clown as Monica Geller again, it doesn't sound like it'll happen anytime soon.

“People ask us all the time, ‘Will we ever do a remake?’ That was a story about these group of people that are friends in their 30s who are finding themselves. I don’t know if there’s a way to redo it,” Cox told People. “I just don’t see it happening. Even though I would do anything to be in a room with all of those people acting and having a great time. But I don’t see it happening."

Maybe someday Coco could play Monica instead? Paging NBC.

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