Halloween is the time of year when you get to dress up as all your favorite characters, and even celebrities want in. And while some people nailed their costumes, actress Sara Foster's Friends-inspired costume apparently wasn't up to par — at least according to Courteney Cox herself.

On Tuesday, she shared a photo of herself and her daughters (dressed in Amazon Boxtunes costumes) as Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel from Friends. Though her daughters, Valentina, 8, and Josie Haas, 4, got Cox's approval, Foster's Monica costume bewildered the Friends star.

" Rachel and Phoebe. You...Who the hell are you?" she commented on the post.

"@courteneycoxofficial I’m MONICA !!! You clearly have never seen FRIENDS," Foster responded, to which Cox commented, "clearly neither have you."

A Monica-style burn if we've ever heard one, but Foster gets an A for effort.

No word yet on what Cox is dressing as for Halloween this year.