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Even after asking all the right questions and watching your stylist’s every move, achieving a salon-worthy hairstyle at home can almost feel impossible—until now. With hair brand R+Co’s Education App, salon customers can receive 24/7 access to the pros straight through their smartphone.

“Along with facilitating a proper consultation during an appointment to ensure the best possible customer experience, the app gives clients round-the-clock access to customized product prescriptions, videos which demonstrate proper usage and looks they can recreate,” says R+Co’s president, Reuben Carranza.

Plus, the intriguing app allows you to browse through a lookbook where you're able to choose from several cuts, each with a range of different styling options that you can decide on before making the appointment. Once you do hit the chair and are satisfied with your final look, you’ll receive a follow-up email featuring before and after pictures, product recommendations, and step-by-step instructions (so you'll finally know exactly how to get that major volume or those perfectly tousled waves).

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You can also watch the full tutorial here: