By Sharon Clott Kanter
May 28, 2013 @ 5:30 pm
Courtesy Photo (4); Courtesy Palma Kolansky

"It was a big one!" That is how costume designer Janie Bryant described the latest episode of Mad Men. And she's right. With scenes at home, in the office, en route to the beach, and at a children's camp, Bryant worked hard to make sure each look was just right for the scene. "It’s about the costume being able to speak to the scene emotionally or evoke a mood or tell something about the character," she said of how she picked the dozens of looks. We loved so many of them—Joan's perfectly nautical beach look, Peggy's happy polka dot dress, and Bob Benson's short shorts among them. Click to get the inside scoop on the costumes from this week's episode.

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