Courtesy Photo, Jordin Althaus/AMC; Courtesy Photo
Meghan Blalock
Apr 22, 2013 @ 2:25 pm

On last night's episode of Mad Men, "To Have and to Hold," fans of the show saw the main female characters in three very different states of dress--all purposeful, thought-out decisions made by costume designer Janie Bryant. Megan's pink brocade sleeveless dress used fashion to impress while Joan's vintage floral dress used style to show her new authoritative role as a women who goes from office day to night on the town. "That dress is reminiscent of silhouettes from past seasons, and stands in contrast to the power suits she's been wearing," Bryant told "It's a little bit more old-fashioned, and I felt it was important to harken back to the past." Click the photo above to find out more about the costume choices, including that scandalous French maid outfit Megan wore.

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