Mad Men
Credit: Courtesy Photo (3); Palma Kolansky

This week’s episode of Mad Men showed how truly different the women on the show are, not only with their dialogue, but also their costumes. It's all intentional, thanks to the show's costume designer, Janie Bryant, who gave the inside scoop on how the sixties looks reflect their characters' personalities in episode 12. For Megan, she's fashion-forward, as seen in this three-piece tapestry ensemble. "It’s bohemian and artistic," said Bryant. "It encompasses all the things I love about Megan’s character.” For Betty, she's "all about the façade of perfection," said Bryant, as seen in her pastel tweed suits. For Joan, she's never shy to take on bold color. "Joan is all about standing out, and she always does," Bryant quipped. Click to get more inside scoop straight from the costume designer.