Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC

Mad Men’s final season kicked off last night, and while we were eager to find out exactly where each character stands, we were equally anxious to see what they were wearing. So we caught up with Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant this morning to get the scoop on each of the leading ladies looks.

Credit: Palma Kolansky

Janie Bryant's favorite? The baby blue ensemble Megan Draper wore to pick Don Draper up from the airport. "It’s like cinematic history, I love that shot!" Bryant exclusively tells "It was all about creating the drama of Don & Megan’s first meeting." As for the other ladies? "Joan's skirts are much shorter," says Bryant. "It’s all about that idea of her having more money and being a little more updated, but she’s still professional," she adds. Peggy's professionalism also shines through her costume, "I love expressing her professionalism with suits," Bryant tells us.

There's a lot more great fashion to look forward to in the upcoming season, "we are revealing the time period of the ultimate, ultimate mini skirt–as short as short can be," Bryant exclusively tells But for now, read on for more exclusives straight from Janie Bryant herself on the looks from last night's episode.