Costume Designer Insider: A Look Back at Revenge's Changing Style

Revenge Season Finale Fashion
Photo: ABC/ Colleen Hayes (2); Courtesy Photo

The season finale of Revenge had us on the edges of our seats, and we're still talking about the tragic loss and shocking reveal from last night's episode. So, who better to give us the inside scoop on the show's other character—the clothes, the fabulous clothes!—than costume designer Jill Ohanneson? "I'm a character-based designer, and I also love fashion, so I have to serve the character and what they're going through first," Ohanneson told Her work this season had to stay in line with the dynamic changes experienced by each character, and therefore, she had to alter the wardrobes of Emily Van Camp, Ashley Madekwe, and others to reflect shocking new plotline twists. "In season one, we were trying to find what worked and what defined each character, and we kept it very colorful and bright, but then the show got very dark and dramatic." In honor of last night's season finale, click the photo to take a look at how Emily, Ashley, Nolan, and many more have switched up their style.

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