Here's The Real Cost of All That Bridal Glam

For many brides, their wedding day stands to be one of the best day of their lives. So, it’s only natural that they want to look and feel their best. And that goes beyond a gorgeous dress. From perfect hair and makeup to toned arms and a glowy spray tan, these ladies work hard and spend a lot to stun on their special day.

Starting with a calculated and ongoing workout regime, some people spend upwards of $2000 for sound nutrition advice and a great trainer to look their best in photos. And don't forget final touches. A mani-pedi combo can cost, on average, between $50 and $80. But it's worth it to feel beautiful on your big day.

Watch the full video above for the complete breakdown of the cost of head-to-toe bridal glam, including what trial hair and makeup runs add up to, and get ready to drop jaws coming down the aisle.

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