By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Sep 06, 2016 @ 6:00 pm
Hair Straightener
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Just when we thought we had seen every hair tool imaginable, along comes LumaBella's Cool Mist Straightener—a totally innovative tool that can actually repair your strands instead of triggering dryness and split ends. Rather than leaving you to your own devices as you flat-iron section by section, LumaBella's device coats your layers with a cool mist, acting as a preventative armor against the heat. As anyone who has ever heard the accidental sizzle from the plates of your flat iron making contact with a piece of not-completely-dry piece of hair can tell you, the idea of covering your hair in a damp layer may seem like a bad one, but hear us out—the mist borders more along the lines of a steam, so no unexpected, scary noises will be coming from your tool.

LumaBella's straightener has a removable cartridge on its exterior, which you can fill with either pure distilled water (not tap water, which contains minerals that could clog the device), or the included Macadamia Conditioning Treatment. Once the dispenser is in place, pass the tool over your hair with the gapped area facing downward. The extra shot of moisture allows your hair to be styled at a lower temperature than usual, leaving behind a super-smooth texture and a healthy shine. The added hydration also makes your strands less likely to break, and since the heat seals everything into place, you can rock the same style for a day (or two, no judgement) longer than usual. Shop the product now for $109 at