Tate's Cookies
Credit: John Stuart

If you identify yourself as a cookie lover, we’re sure you’re aware of Tate’s Bake Shop. This small-town bakery exploded in popularity since receiving a Sofi Award in 2011—a huge foodie prize that recognizes the best new products in various categories—and has been praised for their thin, crispy chocolate chip cookies and their gluten-free options which are just as good as the gluten-laden ones.

So we were more than excited to hear that Tate’s founder and head recipe developer Kathleen King was launching a trio of new flavors. It’s been two years since a new product has been added to their catalog, and last week the newbies hit shelves around the nation. As soon as we could, we did our own taste test here in the office. The result? Even the die-hard Tate's classics fans couldn’t deny how yummy they were.

Tate's Cookies – New Flavors
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Gluten-Free Chipless Wonder
In lieu of chocolatey bits, this baked delight has a salty caramel profile. Perfect if you’re the kind of gal that sometimes wishes you could have the cookie without the chocolate. ($19.99 for 3, 7-oz. bags;

Crispy, buttery, and loaded with flavor, this golden cookie is a vanilla lover’s dream come true. ($19.99 for 3, 7-oz. bags;

Mint Chocolate Chip
If you like the ice cream, you’re going to obsess over this cookie. The chips are infused with mint, and sprinkled throughout, so you get the herby notes in each bite. ($19.99 for 3, 7-oz. bags;