From Connie Britton to Hayden Panettiere, Get the Exclusive On Their Nashville Looks From Costume Designer, Susie DeSanto

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Last night’s Nashville episode opened with some country music stardust as Scarlett (Clare Bowen) took the stage with the Zac Brown Band at the Southern Ground Music & Food Festival. Scarlett joined the band to a crowd of thousands in Nashville and put her best foot forward in an outfit truly her own. "This performance sort of solidified Scarlett as an artist, she put herself together, how she wants people to see her," costume designer Susie DeSanto told of the episode's ensembles. “She clearly is not the right fit for Luke Wheeler’s tour so this was her chance and we got her ready for it. The way she dressed, the way she sang, it was all right for Scarlett.”

While her young artist was blossoming, veteran Rayna (Connie Britton) was still working hard on getting her record label set up and writing the perfect single for her new album. This included looking fabulous in an Elizabeth and James white jacket and rubbing elbows at the #1 party for her "Ball and Chain" song with secret celebrity boyfriend Luke Wheeler (Will Chase).

But nothing quite compares to Juliette (Hayden Panettiere), who has been struggling with PR backlash and the near cancellation of her entire tour. In order to get her back to the music, Avery (Jonathan Jackson) took her out onto the Nashville streets to get her singing again—and DeSanto was there to lead the charge on Juliette's public disguise. "Something I’ve started working on with Hayden for Juliette is a way to make her more relatable to her age group. The sparkles and glam is great, but in reality girls her age want to wear cool Rag & Bone clothes, its just a more honest way to represent yourself as a 24-year-old girl.” DeSanto shared that this scene is pivotal moving forward in the season for Juliette, “this look will really inform her look as she moves forward in her relationship with Avery, less hair, less make up, more herself. I was happy to do that with Juliette, discover how we keep her relatable to her audience.” All the more reason to stay tuned for next week’s episode of Nashville on Wednesday at 10/9c on ABC.

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—Nicola Jones

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