By Jonathan Borge
Updated Apr 23, 2015 @ 2:00 pm
Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga
Credit: Kristin Murphy/Getty Images for Operation Smile

Lady Gaga will have you know that she leads the simple life. Sure, she's been known to throw on a snakeskin Proenza Schouler coat for a flight, enjoy afternoon couture discussions with Alexander Wang, and rivet audiences with The Sound of Music renditions at the Oscars---but when it's time to let her pop-star shtick go, she settles in at home with fiancé Taylor Kinney and their family of chickens.

Yes, chickens. Gaga took to Instagram yesterday to share photos of a coop the couple has built on the grounds of their Malibu estate (which also contains a sprawling vegetable and rose garden). "Time to lay eggs in the Kinney's coop! Fresh eggs all summer we built a beautiful spacious coop to house these happy young chickens," she wrote.

Lady Gaga's Chicken Coop
Credit: Instagram / ladygaga

Despite touring Cheek to Cheek with Tony Bennett, overall the singer seems to have slowed her pace a little of late, opting for homey activities like play-dates with her adorable French bulldogs, Asia and Koji. So will the pups---or even the couple's brood of chickens---make an appearance when she and Kinney exchange vows? We can only hope.