Green Fashion Alert: Jeans That You Can Actually Compost

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Jeans For Your Garden
Photo: Yves Bachmann/Courtesy Food & Wine

In our closet, we have a pair of jeans we’ve worn since freshman year of college. Please understand, this is not us bragging about our trim and shapely figure; rather it is because we don’t know what else to do with them. They aren’t in good enough shape to donate and throwing them away just seems tragic. But Swiss brand Freitag is now giving us a third option for disposing of old jeans: composting them.

Freitag first earned acclaim in the recycled-fashion world for bags made from used truck tarps, and its new jeans go a step further, letting consumers do the recycling themselves. The jeans are made from a biodegradable mix of linen and hemp, and sewn with biodegradable thread. They also took care to make a screw-off button on the jeans so it could be removed before composting (as Quartz points out, metal buttons and rivets obviously won’t do much to feed the soil). And for a little more avant-garde inspiration they released this odd video of a couple putting the jeans on while standing on the back of a horse. Watch and be weirded out.

The only downside to the greener jeans is that the price tag will likely make you want to hold onto them for a while before you put them in the compost bin: A pair will set you back $245. But that might be worth it when you can brag to everyone next summer about who your tomato plant is wearing.

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