Commuter Barbie Is Here and the Internet Is Losing It

Photo: carinajing.hsieh/facebook

First there was Barbie Nurse, then Barbie Fashionista, and even a Barbie inspired by Beyoncé's stylist. Now there's Commuter Barbie.

Of course, Commuter Barbie isn't an actual doll just yet, but in this parody commercial created by comedians Carina Hsieh and Claudia Arisso, this faux Barbie keeps it so real ... and it's been particularly relatable for MTA-riding millenials in New York City. So much so that it's blowing up social media, not just with New Yorkers, but commuters everywhere.

In it, two young girls play with Commuter Barbie as a theme song pours in. "Commuter Barbie! The career girl who's running the world and running late," it begins, as the Barbie hops through the subway station with her Metro card in hand in a Canada Goose jacket, beanie, stylish glasses and headphones.

She also has a grande macchiato glued to her hand that says "Babrie." "Babrie? That's not even a real name," one of the girls says. "15 gold stars until your next reward," the other says dryly. "Starbucks by the train ... so convenient," her friend quips back.

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There are more than those gems in this 3-minute video though. Barbie's cup has the ability to spill, she carries a Trader Joe's shopping bag, and she "tunes out the creeps" with headphones that are "Urbanears for an urban girl."

"But, if she can't hear the catcallers, how will she know to smile," one of the girls asks, before Barbie flashes her pearly whites.

"CANCEL THE OSCARS ALL WE NEED IS THIS," one person tweeted, "I love this so much," another wrote ... and the comments keep rolling in.

Fingers crossed for Commuter Barbie: The Series.

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