By Jennifer Velez
Updated Jan 08, 2014 @ 1:18 pm
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic, Courtesy

You may not be able to escape the wrath of the blustery polar vortex, but with a little help from Naya Rivera, you can save your skin from January's record low temperatures—and finally put an end to the dreaded winter skin blues. Naya’s secret trick to banishing cold-weather dryness lies in a nourishing regimen of good old fashioned baby oil, followed by a restorative round of African shea butter. For a silky smooth touch, the Glee star recommends moisturizing straight out of the shower. First, “douse yourself with baby oil from head to toe while still wet and let it soak into your skin. Then, towel dry and apply shea butter over top,” she shared. To follow Naya's lead, start by slathering on Out of Africa 100% Pure Unrefined Shea Butter ($8-$14 at before braving the wintry weather.MORE:• The Most Wanted Winter Spa Treatments50 Best Skin Tips of All TimeSee Naya Rivera's Engagement Ring!