Lyndsay Green
Dec 06, 2015 @ 8:00 am

The idea of doing your nails in an automobile might be an unconceivable notion. There might be sharp turns never mind the wayward pothole. But Colvon, a posh new Los Angeles-based nail salon truck is reinventing the concept of on-the-go-manicures in the most efficient way possible.

Earlier this month, the Colvon RV made its first stop in L.A., offering manis and pedis to clients looking to cram a luxury beauty service into their busy schedules. So, how does it work? "We travel to different office buildings, apartment complexes, and college campuses based on the schedule posted to our website," says Colvon CEO and founder Emily Christina. (No worries about spills and smudges—the truck is stationary during your service.) "Each day of the week we're in a different spot," Christina adds. "We take a lot of walk-ins, but also partner with organizations near our parking locations to allow their employees and residents to make appointments through our online booking system." Christina also offers special events such as bridal showers, birthday parties, corporate events, and more.

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And by "travel," Christina means rolling in style. While the concept of mobile salons and spas is not exactly new (we told you about the opening of San Francisco's La Lacquerie last year), Colvon's aesthetic rivals the upscale brick-and-mortar salons in the districts it makes its stops in. Christina partnered with online interior design company, Havenly to create a stylish oasis for guests to retreat to: "They helped me choose a lot of the decorative aspects of the truck and sourced the materials to bring it to life." The truck's walls are lined in black and white stripes and the furniture adds pops of soft pink and rich gold for a très chic look. Topping off the feminine vibe are vases filled with pink peonies for a sweet touch. 

"As of now, we can book up to five clients at a time and about 50 appointments per shift," says Christina, offering a range of nail services from manicures and pedicures to nail extensions and intricate art, curated by Colvon manicurists in partnership with Belinda Townsend of popular L.A. salon (and Instagram star) So Hot Right Nail.  And Belinda isn't the only talent with a social media presence. "We have five amazing nail artists who I found by contacting beauty schools, posting job ads, and researching nail artists on Instagram," she says, adding they are selling hand-designed press-on nails on her website.

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The catch is you'll need to be in the L.A. area: head to to find out where the truck will be next. 


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