By Lia Beck
Updated Mar 13, 2019 @ 11:15 am
The Bachelor Cast
Credit: ABC

We now have an answer to the biggest question on The Bachelor season 23 — and no, it's not whether or not Colton lost his virginity. We now know if Colton found love. After a couple of legitimately dramatic episodes, three breakups, and a fence jump, Bachelor Colton Underwood ended up with Cassie Randolph. And then Air Supply showed up.

During what is normally called After The Final Rose, but this time was more like Here, Talk To Chris Harrison Even Though We Stopped Seeing Roses Weeks Ago, Cassie and Colton revealed that they are dating and have no plans to get engaged anytime soon. They’re just being a normal couple — who met on a hugely popular reality TV show — and are taking things slow.

When Chris asked whether they were getting engaged, Cassie responded, “It’s definitely something we’ve talked about.” Colton added, “We still have a lot of room to grow in our relationship. We’re enjoying dating.” And when Chris asked whether they were moving in together (Chris is a nosy mofo, if you haven’t been able to tell), Colton said, “We’re not going to rush anything.” That said, Colton did move to Los Angeles, which is nearby where Cassie is from in Huntington Beach, and they plan to do a lot of traveling together this year. Sounds like a plan!

And might I just say, thank god they didn’t end up having a surprise engagement during their live segment. One, it was made very clear from their time on the show that they shouldn’t rush into anything. Two, while no one should feel pressured to get engaged at any age, Cassie and Colton are 23 and 27, respectively, so they don’t even have to worry about the stupid societal pressure that people older than them have to face. And three, this episode already had enough unnecessary stuff going on. As I mentioned, there was an Air Supply performance.

For anyone who missed the actual episode or who got deep into an online shopping hole midway through, here’s how we reached this conclusion: Colton went to Cassie’s hotel room when she was getting ready to fly back home, and they had a big talk in which he revealed that he sent Tayshia and Hannah G packing, because that’s how much he loves her. (He also talked about how he “gave up everything” for her, which doesn’t actually make sense because he wasn’t in love with the other women, but whatever, dude.) Then, Cassie and Colton agreed to date and take things one day at a time, and the first day of that involved them flying to Mallorca to meet his family. Totally reasonable!

They also ended up having a fantasy suite date, after all, that was really just in a normal hotel room because all of the producers’ actual plans had gone to shit at this point. After that, they went back to the states and got to have some cute, secret meetups since the show was still airing and they couldn’t yet publicly reveal they were together.

Sure, their ending was unconventional by Bachelor standards, but in a way, it was one of the most reasonable, too. These people should just date in the real world, and it seems to be working out so far for Cassie and Colton, so good for them! May they be one of the rare Bachelor franchise success stories and make a ton of money selling subscriptions boxes on Instagram together.