Colorful Advice from Chris Benz and Nathan Turner

Photo: Time Inc. Digital Studio; Istock Photo

Last week Chris Benz hosted an L.A. soiree to celebrate his Fall 2010 collection, but the designer also offered some timely advice for those of us looking to amp up our spring wardrobe. "The key piece is definitely a colorful shift dress. Throw a jean jacket over it and wear it all day, then put on heels and a necklace and it’s perfect for night," said Benz, whose colorful creations have been worn by Eva Mendes and Gwyneth Paltrow. "It's all about exuberance, youth and fun!" Interior designer Nathan Turner, who hosted Benz's party at his West Hollywood boutique, shared his quick tips for brightening up a living space. "Accents like lampshades and pillows are the key. I was just in Ikea and saw these red picture frames, you could do a whole wall of those," the decorator brainstormed. "And paint is the easiest way to totally transform a space. It's inexpensive and it's a day's work. If I see one more beige room, I'm going to throw myself out a window!"

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