Color of the Day: Lemon

Color of the Day
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We love color so much at InStyle, we dedicated our entire April issue to it! And we're taking our obsession one step further right here, by giving you a Color of the Day on, complete with How to Wear It tips.


SIMILAR TO:Daffodil, pastel yellow.

WHY WE LOVE IT:This subtle yellow is easy on the eyes but still adds a pop of vibrant color.

GOES GREAT WITH:Cobalt, hunter green, earth tones.

DIP YOUR TOE IN:Add a flirty touch of the shade to your toes and fingers for a dose of springtime lightheartedness. Dolce & Gabbana's shade is perfect for the effect ($20,

GO HEAD-TO-TOE LEMON:A yellow handbag never goes unnoticed. Perfect for spring, it adds a colorful wistfulness to any look ($89,

Plus, get even more tips for how to wear spring's hottest colors.

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