Cole Sprouse Is Twinning With His Brother Again

Out of Riverdale and aboard the Suite Life all over again.

Quarantine is making celebrities do crazy things — like dying their hair blue, pink, or pink and purple — but for Cole Sprouse, it looks like things are back to the way things were, not some out-there hue. In a new Instagram Story, Sprouse's hair is back to its natural lighter color, in stark contrast to the dark Jughead shade that fans have become accustomed to.

Cole showed off his new color in a post a few days ago and confirmed the shade in a story posted May 6. Now that he's back to his natural color, whether it's because of constant shampooing or a lack of touchups now that Riverdale production is on hiatus, the Sprouse twins can go back to twin-related pranks and hijinks à la The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Cole Sprouse Light Hair

So, while going back to his (and his brother's) natural color doesn't make for the most dramatic change, the last time he ditched his dark hair back in 2019, fans claimed that they were having an "existential crisis" over not being able to tell the twins apart. While their hair colors may be similar now, Cole is sporting a Captain Morgan-esque Van Dyke goatee and Dylan's keeping everything neat and tidy. For now, at least, that's one easy way to tell them apart.

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