Colbie Caillat
Credit: Courtesy

Now here's a celebrity trend we can get behind! After John Legend brought us to tears last week with his touching music video for "You and I (Nobody in the World)" and Meghan Trainor made us groove to her booty-loving single "All About That Bass," Colbie Caillat is tackling similar issues with her new video for "Try."

In the video, she confronts what it means to be beautiful in today's society. "Put your make up on/ Get your nails done/ Curl your hair/ Run the extra mile/ Keep it slim so they like you," she croons, commenting on what women feel like they must do to in order to be perceived as beautiful, as women, young and old, lip synch along. As the video goes on, the women begin to strip off their makeup to illustrate that it's not the makeup or the material things that make us beautiful—we're beautiful just the way we are. "Take your make up off/ Let your hair down/ Take a breath/ Look into the mirror, at yourself/ Don't you like you?/ Cause I like you."

Watch the video below for a little bit of inspiration on this Monday afternoon.