Cody Simpson/Justin Bieber - Lead
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There’s a chance someone out there fainted.

Remember when Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson teased everyone with the hope of a possible duets album last year … and then it never was released? Some sort of musical collaboration may still come to pass. While the duo already blessed fans with their duet “Home to Mama” last November, Cody told InStyle that there is a chance they’ll still collaborate on an album in the future. For now, though, both of the pop stars are focusing on their own music careers.

“We’re in different musical worlds at this point, so we want to keep going down those paths,” he told us at his Free album release party at the Hollywood Roosevelt in Hollywood, Calif. Friday night. “I have a long way to go in establishing the artist I’m becoming now and I think he’s working on a lot of music, so, I don’t know,” he continued. “We’ll see how it goes. It would definitely be cool to work on something in the future again. We put one out last year and we’re kind of just doing our own thing now.”

In the meantime, one thing they won’t be collaborating on (at least not yet) are any TMI Instagram snaps, a la the Biebs’ butt-baring pic that almost broke the Internet this week (he’s since taken it down). As for whether Cody would ever post a NSFW photo like that, he said with a laugh, “I don’t know. I would say no now, but, who knows in a few years where I’ll be.” Got to love the honesty.

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