Who says romance is dead?


Miley Cyrus is playing muse to her beau, Cody Simpson. The Australian singer posted a poem to Instagram today, presumably inspired by Cyrus, which was accompanied by a moody snapshot. While it's not clear whether or not the ponytail-wearing woman in the photograph is Cyrus (Simpson's followers are split), it is clear that the words are for her.

"The moon’s souvenir, the boulevardier, a ballerina on the promenade," he wrote. "We open our curtains to the domesticated world for a natural hour, spinning Elvis records and making love in the soft jewelled morning."

He signed off with his pen name, "Prince Neptune," which also happens to be one of his Instagram handles: princeneptunepoet. If his Miley-inspired work strikes your fancy, there's plenty more on his feed.

Speaking of Elvis, People notes that the pair spent Sunday night taking in some of the King's finest work. In Simpson's Instagram Story, he recorded the two of them singing Presley's "Ku-U-I-Po" and shared snapshots of the two of them enjoying the classic flick Blue Hawaii. It seemed to be good vibes all around, with Simpson looking particularly loved up and Cyrus resting her head on his shoulder and smiling for the lens.

In addition to the PDA-packed social media posts, Simpson called Cyrus "baby," which she promptly trolled him for. The feeling is mutual, it seems, because Cyrus is giving her followers an eyeful, too, posting shirtless snaps of Simpson and calling him "her type." It's only a matter of time before she pens a song for him — and if fans are lucky, it'll be a duet.

And lest you forget about that other celebrity poet, Channing Tatum, here's hoping he's still sending Jessie J sweet rhymes via DM.