Cody Simpson Performs Songs From "Free" At Private Cocktail Party
Credit: Getty Images North America

Cody Simpson is single and ready to mingle. So attention ladies: here’s what it takes to win Simpson’s heart. As it turns out, the "New Problems" singer has a strategy when it comes to dating—it’s all about weeding out women after his fame and fortune.

“The way I do a first date is I take a girl to a really casual, sh*tty restaurant and see how she holds up,” he told us with a laugh before hitting the stage at his Free album release party in Hollywood, Calif. Friday night. “A lot of times if a girl is like, 'Oh, I’m going on a date with a musician,’ they expect you to go to like Nobu or something, but, I wouldn’t take a girl there,” he continued. “That’d be weird. So, I’d take a girl to the most casual place ever and see how it goes.”

Considering Simpson’s heart-melting grin, it would be surprising if any girl thumbed her nose at that outing (even if it was at a crowded fast food joint). For those that pass his test though, the singer moves on to his ideal date, which he said is “exploring.”

“Maybe [we’d] go to the beach and just chill,” he said. “I like a girl who’s down to just roll with the flow of things.” Simpson not only has a thing for down-to-earth girls, but, he also loves seeing them in a particular outfit on dates—and just about anywhere else. “I love like tight jeans, like in a light wash, and I like a girl who you can tell she doesn’t try too hard,” he said. “Usually your personality and who you are is reflected through the way you dress. Whether you surf and wear board shorts every day or you’re in fashion and you wear a nice suit. It’s like who you are. So if a girl is casual, but, a little bit sexy, that’s good.”

If you really want to make Simpson swoon, pair those skinny jeans with a fitted tee and heels. The Australian pop star considers that the “perfect” outfit, saying he “wouldn’t want it any other way.” Anyone else running to their closets?