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I feel like I’m constantly hearing about new ways that the ever-so-trendy coconut oil can amp up my beauty routine, which is why I've finally added it to my arsenal in more ways than one. While putting it all over my face before I hit the pillow was my first-ever tactic with this innovative blend, I’ve recently learned that one simple jar of coconut oil (talk about an inexpensive steal) is one of the few products out there that can be considered a beauty cure-all. That said, I’ve been testing out all the convenient ways this most-talked-about formula can take my regimen to the next level (If it's Solange Knowles' go-to, it can be mine too, right?). Scroll down for more coconut oil beauty tips.

Deep Conditioner

Are your strands looking a little damaged and dull? Bring your tresses back to life by using coconut oil as a deep conditioner. Not only does it work to hydrate your strands when left in for a few hours (or as an overnight treatment), it will also work to fight pesky frizz and flyaways.

Body Scrub

To make the perfect DIY exfoliating scrub, add salt or sugar to a generous amount of coconut oil and apply to the dry skin area to eliminate dead skin cells.

Shaving Cream

Used your last bit of shaving cream, but don’t want to be left with painful razor burn and ingrown hairs post-shave? For a painless and safe option, simply apply coconut oil directly to the skin and remove the hair with your trusty razor.

Makeup Remover

Remove any traces of makeup with this gentle oil. Use it as a cleanser or add some to a cotton pad to easily wipe off eyeliner, mascara or eyeshadow.

Lip Balm

The chilly temps can bring about chapped, dry lips. By applying a small dab of coconut oil onto the troubled area, you’ll be left with a nourished and kissable pout in no time.

Cuticle Oil

Bleeding, damaged cuticles are far-from-fun. Heal impaired cuticles and help your manicure last longer by applying some coconut oil to the cracked area.

Under Eye Cream

As well as being an ideal face moisturizer and base for a DIY moisturizing blend, coconut oil can substitute your expensive eye cream. Its nourishing qualities work to help minimize fine lines and noticeable dark circles when applied generously to the sensitive area.

Teeth Whitening and Breath Refresher

Forget about expensive whitening treatments. Simply add some coconut oil to your toothbrush, or swish with it for 15 minutes while pulling the oil through your teeth. It will leave you with a whiter smile—and its natural antibacterial properties mean fresher breath and healthier gums.

Pain Relief

Rubbing alcohol isn’t the only at-home remedy to relieve pesky mosquito bites. A small dab of coconut oil can also work to soothe itchy bites or painful bruises, scrapes and burns.