By Sharon Clott Kanter
Updated Nov 18, 2014 @ 12:55 pm
Coco Rocha
Credit: Eli Winston/Everett Collection

Model and TV personality Coco Rocha is expecting a little one come spring. (Just as a reminder, her and hubby James Conran announced the news with one eerily interesting Insta-vid.) And while she’s so excited to welcome her new family member, preparing for the baby girl has been a challenge. “I’m looking at baby clothes, and baby boy clothes are far more interesting than baby girl clothes out there right now,” she told us at last night’s Forevermark Diamonds #HoldMyHandForever event in New York City.

“I would love a leopard jacket in baby form and yet girl stuff is all very puffy and fluffy,” the Study of Pose author continued. “I hope my friend Zac Posen makes a baby outfit. There are a lot of designers I’m friendly with and I only hope they outthink each other." What she doesn't want: Anything typical. "My husband’s mom wants to make everything pink," she said. "I’m like no, it’s a fashion baby, she has to be cool still.”

Her ideal situation: A model-off duty look in infant form, complete with mini jeans and mini biker boots. “I want to deliver her right into a leather jacket,” added Rocha. Hubby Conran, standing nearby, chimed in: “The baby won’t be able to move, but she’ll look really cool," he joked.