Coco Rocha's Adorable Dubsmash with Her Baby Just Made Our Day

Coco Rocha Instagram
Photo: Instagram/@cocorocha

If there's one thing we know about supermodel mama Coco Rocha it's that she's crazy about daughter, Ioni James Conran. The starlet frequently takes to Instagram to show off her little babe and even employs the hashtag "#Ioniconran"to keep all of her baby-themed pics in one Insta'-safe place.

On Wednesday, the model garnered all kinds of likes when she shared this hilarious and adorable Dubsmash to social media, which featured herself and baby Ioni acting super silly with one another. For those of you not familiar with Dubsmash, it's an app that allows users to talk or sing over their favorite movie quotes, TV one-liners, or song lyrics. For just a 9-month-old, we'd say Ioni's mastered the art of Dubsmashing pretty nicely.

See? It was pretty much impossible to watch that cuteness just one time through. To be honest, we aren't sure who was having more fun—Ioni or Coco. Based on baby Ioni's sweet little smile, we'd say she thinks mama Rocha is pretty much hilarious—and vice versa.

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