Coco Rocha’s Advice for Dressing Newborns? “Avoid Getting Real Jeans"

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It’s understandable that when supermodel Coco Rocha gave birth to her adorable daughter, Ioni Conran, this past March, the beauty wanted to immediately dress her in nothing but premier baby duds. After all, this is a woman who—as she proved last night in a Diesel Black Gold dress and sporty Balenciaga boots—is accustomed to wearing clothing right off the runway. But as Rocha explained, crafting a wardrobe for an infant is easier said than done.

“I was frustrated because I was ready to get her into cool designer clothes at such a young age,” Rocha told InStyle last night while celebrating the opening of W Amsterdam on New York’s Grand Banks ship with her handsome husband James Conran by her side. “Truthfully when they’re that young, you just put them in a full onesie and that’s it.” And, as Rocha’s Instagram account proves, that’s exactly how she’s been dressing the adorable infant—graphic lion bibs included (below).

Big day for #ioniconran! She tried her first taste of brown rice cereal and was a little cautious at first but her final verdict is 👍😜

A photo posted by Coco Rocha (@cocorocha) on Aug 5, 2015 at 9:12am PDT

So why exactly are onesies the go-to? “[Babies] are so delicate, and especially as a new mom you don’t want to fold them and maneuver them in any way. In the end, at that newborn stage, they barely wear anything, but now that she’s bigger and older and she can hold herself—that’s where it’s getting fun,” she added. The charming couple may be experimenting with new fashions for their daughter, but there’s one item of clothing Ioni’s just not ready to try: “I have a ton of real jeans and I’ve avoided using them. It’s more like jeggings now. She’s got a ton of jeggings, which are way more comfortable for her and easier to put on. So, avoid getting real jeans for babies.”

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