By Tessa Trudeau
Updated Oct 23, 2015 @ 3:15 pm
Credit: Jerod Harris/Getty Images

It’s no surprise that Coca-Cola has made appearances in a number of fashion campaigns, as one of the world’s most beloved and classic drinks. The latest is Coca-Cola Loves Wildfox, a capsule collection with vintage-inspired knitwear brand Wildfox, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the drink's original bottle. The collection includes comfy knits, hoodies, shorts, and tanks featuring that iconic bottle we all know and love; and is a fun and bubbly (no pun intended) take on the timeless refreshment.

We caught up with one of our favorite style stars, Sarah Hyland, who stopped by last night's celebration at the Wildfox flagship store in West Hollywood to toast the collection. The Modern Family actress told us her "personal style is very eclectic, based on whatever my mood is that day. So sometimes I want to be super grungy '90s, and sometimes I want to feel like I’m going to go on a yacht." We’re used to seeing Hyland glammed up for the red carpet, but one of the ways she plans to incorporate the pieces into her own wardrobe is for those days spent in comfy clothes. "I like that you can dress it up or down for your own look," said Hyland. "But also some of the pieces like the hoodie and little shorts in the blue bottle-print are just really cute and comfy for a day at home with fuzzy socks on, watching scary movies."

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And her favorite thing about the collection? "It reminds me a lot of Andy Warhol and that pop art look, which I think is really amazing," Hyland told InStyle. "You can wear it very casually or you can dress it up with a leather jacket like I did tonight. Coca-Cola found a cool way to celebrate 100 years of the iconic bottle design, and I’ve always had love for Coca-Cola, so I think it was a perfect combination. It’s fun!"

We can't wait to try out the comfy collection ourselves! Don’t forget to shop for it here!