Cobie Smulders on the Best Way to Get Around Town—and Why She Loves NYFW

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They say that the subway is the fastest way to get about New York City, but for actress Cobie Smulders, it’s all about the bicycle. “I don’t know if you’ve tried them—I’m loving CitiBike. I go everyday and all the time. It’s so fantastic,” she tells InStyle. The brunette, who lives in downtown Manhattan and is currently “heavily” sweating it out on the daily for an upcoming role, opts to commute using the city’s bike-share program for, as she tells us, its health benefits and timeliness. “You definitely have to find a route, which is what I’ve discovered. You really have to be like, ‘OK, what’s the safest direction where I’m going with the flow of traffic and there’s a bike lane?'” she adds.

Smulders has mastered the art of zipping through busy streets, however, her affinity for riding began indoors. “I got really into SoulCycle for a bit,” she says of her fitness regimen. “I’m getting over a broken leg, so I haven’t hit the bike in a while. It’s too intense for just recently getting off crutches. I love working out.”

And while the star is choosing to cruise rather than speed, she’s ready to warmly welcome New York Fashion Week with open arms. “I am thinking of attending some shows,” says the Chanel favorite who has previously taken a front row seat at the shows of Prabal Gurung and Tanya Taylor. “I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to designers, but I love going to fashion shows just to see the other personalities that show up. It’s such an eclectic group and everybody is sort of like an artist.”

She of course has an appreciation for the clothes that designers create, but it’s also the gathering of painters, sculptors, architects, lawyers, and fashion insiders alike that excites her. “You get a nice, rounded view of the world. That’s one of the reasons I like to go to these shows, because you just meet people that you would never meet anywhere else.” Consider Smulders RSVP’d.

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