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Claire Stern
Apr 16, 2016 @ 3:00 pm

When it comes to Coachella hairstyles, the general rule is the bolder, the better. And this year it was all about nouveau color. Along with Kylie Jenner, who unveiled a shocking peach color, and Taylor Swift, who went full platinum blonde for the fest, Hailey Baldwin opted for a smoky gray hue, coolly debuting it on Instagram with the one-word caption, "greys." Why the change? "I just wanted to do something different," she told InStyle at H&M's installation tent on-site in Indio, Calif. "I think it looks cool. Plus, it washes out—my agent would kill me otherwise." There you have it, folks. Below, we asked the 19-year-old about her other beauty go-tos, which bands she's excited to see, and the festival trend she just can't get behind.

Beauty Essentials: Chapstick, sunscreen, and you can never have too much makeup out here because a) you get dirty and b) you sweat it off.

Festival Trend She Never Wants to See Again: Flower crowns—get rid of them. Be done! I like wearing my little silk headband instead, because I like having my hair out of my face when I'm dancing.

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In Her Emergency Kit: Makeup wipes, Chapstick, moisturizer, water, and my credit card. You never know when you'll need it!

Tips for Surviving in the Heat: Try to be in the shade. C'mon!

Bands You're Excited to See: Jack Ü. I'm hoping for some surprises, too, but I just missed Kanye come out during A$AP Rocky's set.

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