A Stage Adaptation of Clueless Is in the Works

Photo: Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collection

As if! Bronson Alcott High School is making the move from Beverly Hills to Broadway. Clueless's director and writer Amy Heckerling revealed to Entertainment Tonight that a stage adaptation of the cult classic flick is already underway, and she's writing the script herself.

"I’ve written the, what they call the book and it’s a jukebox musical," she told ET, meaning that instead of creating an original score with lyrics, the production will include only songs from the '90s. Here's to hoping "Rollin' With the Homies," makes the cut. While Heckerling didn't give away many details, she did reveal that the play already has a director and a production company. We'll be waiting (a bit im-) patiently to see our favorite characters come to life on the stage.

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