Totally Clueless Outfit Advice Straight from the Movie’s Costume Designer

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It’s been almost 20 year since Cher Horowitz and her yellow plaid skirt suit sashayed their way into our hearts, sparking outfit (and life) envy in anyone who happened to see. With two simple words—“as if!”—and that memorable ensemble, Alicia Silverstone managed to cement her place in fashion infamy.

So it’s no surprise that even today, we’re still dying to recreate Clueless's many fashionable looks. When we caught up with Leesa Evans, the assistant costume designer from the film, we were dying to find out if she thinks it’s possible to bring a little Bronson Alcott High School into our everyday wardrobes. Luckily, her answer was yes.

Evans credits the movie's iconic style to two things: theme dressing and attitude. To add some Clueless-inspired style into your wardrobe, start with a color palette or scene and work that theme through your entire outfit, from the clothes to the accessories (Cher’s pens even matched her ensembles). The most important part of your look, however, is your personality. “They [the characters] were sort of fearless. They were able to carry their fashion to a place that had a bit of whimsy,” she says. “They were willing to be confident in what they wore, and that confidence, I think, is something that’s also really attractive in fashion.”

If the idea of theme dressing doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry. Evans points out that there are many designers today who are doing, as she calls them, “perfect modern plaid Clueless pieces.” Shop some of our favorites below:

Clueless 1

Shop the pieces: Tory Burch, $250; Lands' End, $45; Choies, $22;

Clueless 2

Shop the pieces: SEA, $385; MSGM, $666; Uniqlo, $30;

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