CLUELESS, Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, 1995. © Paramount Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection
Credit: © Paramount Pictures/Courtesy: Everett Collection

Back in 1995, we were seriously buggin' over Cher Horowitz's high-tech closet in Clueless. A computer that crafted adorable outfits for every day of the week? Genius. A function that told you when your alpaca sweater completely clashed with your red plaid mini? Revolutionary! Now, 20 years and a few generations of smartphones later, you don't have to be a Valley girl to reap the outfit-planning benefits. Download these apps and get one step closer to being a total Betty.

Upload photos of your newest purchases, along with snaps of the items already in your closet, to create a clothing and accessory catalog. Once your virtual closet is complete, the "My Outfits" feature helps you craft perfect pairings based on color, cut, and your personal taste. Worried about repeating an outfit? The app (free at even connects with your Google cal to note the date each look (complete with accessories) was worn.

Snap selfies in your favorite looks, then save and categorize them in the app (free at Cloth archives your outfits, then uses real-time weather data to give you appropriate suggestions based on the day's forecast. Need a little inspiration? You can also browse a feed of trending street style shots.

Import your favorite pieces to plan outfits, make vacay-packing lists, and keeps tabs on your old classics and new purchases. The app ($4; tallies how often you wear each piece so you can prioritize what to keep and what to ditch when it comes time to purge. Here's where it gets really good: If an outfit leaves a little something to be desired, you can shop for additional pieces directly through the app and see how new finds fit in with your favorite looks.

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