Closet Boot Camp: Organize Your Kids' Closet in 5 Easy Steps

Organize Your Kids' Closet
Photo: Courtesy of Ginny Snook Scott

Even if your tiny tot has an equally micro closet, there are plenty of options for tricking it out and tidying it up. “Your children’s closet is where you really need to use your imagination to make the area fun and mess-free,” says Barbara Reich, owner of Resourceful Consultants. If the space feels playful, a child will be more inclined to put things back where they belong. Imagine that! It can be a game to keep toys and clothes in place.

Read on for our expert tips to organizing your kiddo's space.

Create a Gallery

Kids will love shelves filled with toys, artwork, and books. Just observe the magic rule of design: Pick a consistent pattern or color to carry through with storage boxes or bins.

See Things Clearly

With small wire drawers ($15,, it’s easy to find that favorite tee (bonus for you: no more clothes dumped on the floor). Larger units can hold shoes and sports necessities.

Conquer Clutter

Invest in drawer dividers ($3 for 3, to prevent socks and small accessories from going AWOL. You can even install a lock on one pullout so special mementos are safe from tiny hands.

Step It Up

Place a cheerful yet sturdy stool nearby so cuties can reach what’s needed on their own—and get a boost when it’s time to stash toys and clothes back in their respective places.

Make it a Hangout Zone

Mount a wipe board (similar style: $100, on the wall so kids can doodle while you straighten up. Have an unused corner? A beanbag chair ($40, is a comfy place to read while the grown-ups multitask.

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