Closet Boot Camp: Get Your Kitchen Pantry Organized in 5 Easy Steps

Organize Your Kitchen Pantry
Photo: John Downs

A gorgeous pantry is like an invitation to cook and entertain—all the more reason to spruce it up a bit. “Just because it’s a storage space doesn’t mean you have to fill every inch,” says Jill Pollack, designer and host of Consumed on HGTV Canada. Instead, strike a balance by putting your beautiful items on display and creating a neat arrangement of your daily essentials.

Read on for our expert tips to getting your dream pantry.

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Pop the Plates

Rather than hide china and stemware in a closet (or worse, in a packing crate), think of them as jewelry for the pantry and show them off. Painting the walls and shelves gray makes white pieces stand out.

Avoid Dish Disasters

Shelve plates where you can reach them so there’s no worry about dropping a dozen dishes from atop a step stool. Save high storage for vases since you don’t need 12 at a time.

Get in the Zone

Drawers can be organized by meal, container type, or even family member. The only rule is to find a system you can stick to. Place dividers inside to hold loose packets and condiments.

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Entertain with Ease

Keep an area free of clutter to use while hosting. For parties, stock simple appetizers (crackers, nuts, olives), bottled water, and wine that you can whip out at a moment’s notice.

Go Vertical

A single well-placed design fix can transform a pantry’s entire storage potential. Installing vertical shelf dividers for cutting boards, cooling racks, and baking sheets maximizes space.

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