Organize Your Linen Closet
Credit: Luca Trovato

The secret to setting a stylish scene in this multipurpose space? It's all about maintaining a sense of consistency and relaxed order, says Ginny Snook Scott of California Closets. So say sayonara to mismatched towels and Costco overflow. Instead, focus on grouping like items together and stacking similar hues on the same shelf.

Read on for more pro organizing tips to getting your dream linen closet.

Fold it Well

Streamline shelves by placing all linens in the same direction, with the neat crease facing out. Keep stacks to a reasonable size: For bulky towels, limit your piles to four each to prevent an avalanche.

Categorize the Chic Way

Put similar-size linens together for a tidy effect (all king flat sheets in one stack, all pillowcases in another). Affix labels ($4, underneath each grouping to quickly find what’s needed.

Take Inventory

There's no chance of a closet feeling elegant with ratty old towels hanging around. Ditch what you don’t need or like, and make a list of what you should restock pronto.

Plan for (and Pamper) Guests

Stash a set of sheets and a quilt in a nylon bag, labeled by bed size. Then tie a ribbon around a set of guest towels so you always have overnight essentials at the ready.

Bag it Up

Keep miscellaneous items, like bath mats, shower curtains, and extra sheet sets, in a zippered bag on the floor ($30, Everything is within reach when needed but otherwise out of your way.

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