Closet Boot Camp: 5 Pro Tips to Getting The Perfect Closet

Your Dream Closet
Photo: Courtesy Lisa Adams/LA Closet Design

Let's face it: Your closet holds a ton. Perhaps a ton too much. It's time to rein in the excess—from last season's stilettos and your favorite college jeans that no longer fit to that bridesmaid dress you'll never wear again—and bring order to the chaos

The first step to your dream closet is to treat the area as a sanctuary. That's the motto, anyway, of Lisa Adams, L.A. Closet Design's founder, who dreamed up the streamlined space shown above. Even if you don't have a walk-in, little upgrades can make a huge difference. The key is to design a serene zone that's suitable for tasks like putting together outfits, trying on shoes, and moving the contents of one purse into another.

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Make it appear a lot bigger

When you place a mirror at eye level inside your closet, it creates the illusion of a much larger room. Choose a mirror that's at least 18-inches wide ($349).

Raise the Bar

Give your closet a boutique feel by installing a valet rod ($18). Use it to hang clothes for the next day or plan ensembles for a trip. Pick a retractable version that pulls out only when needed.

Show Off Your Shoes

Establish visual harmony by arranging shoes by heel height (from pumps down to ballet flats) and clipping tall boots to a low tension rod with hanging shapers ($10/pair).

Have a Command Station

Swapping out your tote for a teeny cross-body style? Designate a purse changing drawer for out-of-rotation essentials (we're looking at you, mini flatiron) so you'll know where to find 'em later.

Think Like a Decorator

Simple touches like a plush rug with a bold pattern make the space inviting. Add to that cozy vibe by filling a bare corner or shelf with a vase or framed photo.

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