By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Aug 02, 2018 @ 3:15 pm
Credit: Courtesy

I have very vivid memories of sneaking down to my mom’s room to spray on one of the many fragrances lining her vanity. Clinique’s Happy was always front and center, and it was the bottle I reached for the most. It made me feel a little grown up, peppy, and genuinely content: a true testament to its name. I eventually stopped stealing my mom's stash, but I haven't grown out of my appreciation for this scent, which is why I got all nostalgic when I heard that Clinique is bringing back the Happy franchise in a whole new way.

To bring back the happy spirit, Clinique developed My Happy, a collection of scents dedicated to the feeling of joy. To come up with the well-rounded range, the brand asked millions of consumers what scents they thought represented the feeling of happiness. From their answers, they developed six different scents that can be mixed and matched or worn on their own. The lineup consists of Happy Splash, Peace & Jasmine, Blue Sky Neroli, Peony Picnic, Cocoa & Cashmere, and Lily of the Beach.

With florals, citrus fruits, and sunny earth notes all in attendance, there's a little slice of happiness for everyone. Peony Pink, for example, is classified as the "romantic" skew from the collection, and is inspired by a walk through a flower garden. Blue Sky Neroli is meant to mimic the fresh, optimistic scent of nature right after a rain.

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It's just too bad these weren't around when I was 12, because I could have definitely afforded them on my own. Each bottle retails for only $22 a pop, and they're now available at Clinique locations nationwide.

To me, happiness is still hanging out with my mom in her room and admiring her collection, but I think My Happy will get me there, too.