Clinique And Lena Dunham Are Here to Make Your Daily Commute Bearable

Lena Dunham Clinique
Photo: Michael Simon Photography

The only thing that makes the daily commute to and from work bearable is a great podcast. Luckily, Clinique and Lena Dunham agree. The brand and actress/writer/producer have teamed up for a special episode of Dunham’s Women of the Hour podcast as part of Clinique’s Difference Makers initiative.

In the nearly hour-long episode, Dunham speaks with three of the campaign’s actresses and activists—Gina Rodriguez, Erendira Ibarra, and Jessica Nkosi—to talk about how they use their positions in the limelight to bring provoke discussion and bring about change in their communities. Also along for the ride is Clinique’s Global Brand President Jane Lauder, who explains what makes this campaign authentic, and not the all- too-typical commodification of feminism.

Lena Dunham Clinique 2
Michael Simon Photography

If you’ve been seriously feeling the void since the five episode, first season of the Dunham’s podcast wrapped up a year ago, consider this special talk a warm-up until season two returns for the main event. Grab your headphones and click here to download the episode.

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