How to Keep Your Skin from Freaking Out in the Fluctuating Weather

Climate Change Skincare Lead
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

For those who still insist on denying climate change, let the unpredictable weather that goes from 0 to 100 real quick and the toll it's taken on our skin serve as evidence. "It's actually a stressor on your skin to have the weather change so much and so quickly," says celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas. "A lot of what goes on in the winter is that, no matter the temperature, the biggest issue is that there is no moisture in the air, which is more clear when it's super cold outside."

Regardless of what your iPhone weather app is reading, Vargas recommends layering your skincare to ensure you get enough hydration—use a water-based serum, followed by a facial oil, then seal everything into place with moisturizer. "Water-based serums are designed to go into the skin right away rather than sit on the top, and contain hyaluronic acid, which holds 1000 times its weight in water. Since face oils are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, they feed your lipid layer to make your skin feel plump and more hydrated," she adds. "Another thing I do at night is that on top of all that, I'll literally cover my face and body in coconut oil. It's anti-inflammatory, so if you're experiencing any itchiness or patchiness, this helps calm it down."

Because of the fluctuating weather, you may also be experiencing breakouts in places you normally wouldn't, like on your neck, jawline, or even right by the ear area. This isn't due to your skin being oily, but rather, dirt getting trapped and causing a breakout. Vargas recommends doing DIY matcha masks to combat this issue as matcha is rich in antioxidants. She also favors taking an inside-out approach with the addition of a green smoothie—her favorite is Kimberly Snyder's Glowing Green recipe.

Depending on how quickly the temperature changes (again), lighten up on the layers as it gets warmer, just as you would with your wardrobe. "Look at the condition of your skin in the morning, check the temperature, and ask, what does my skin need today?" says Vargas. "You're not going to need four layers of products if it's 60 degrees again, so maybe you'll dial it down to just the serum, facial oil, and a sunscreen."

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