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The French are known for their no-fuss attitudes toward everything from diet to fashion, so when their simple, yet effective approach also applies to washing your face, we're all ears. Stocked at illustrious French Pharmacies, and in high demand since the 90s, micellar water was born out of necessity---as an antidote to France's notoriously harsh water. The single-step solution cleanses skin and removes makeup through small cleansing agents (micelles) that grab ahold of dirt and grime, no rinsing required. The 2-in-1 is a savior on those late nights when you’d rather head straight for the pillow, and a staple of makeup artists, who have relied upon if for years to prep models' skin.RELATED: Why You Need Powder Face Cleanser In Your Skincare RoutineWhile nearly all French brands contain a micellar water in their lineup (Bioderma, La Roche Posay, Orlane—the list goes on), they’ve become more widespread among American beauty brands, like Simple Skincare's version ($7; which uses all natural ingredients in the mix. The alcohol-free formulas are compatible with even the most sensitive skin (and don’t sting like some eye makeup removers), with many of the newer ones arriving this spring customized to certain skin needs. Yves Saint Laurent's "Top Secrets" ($40; softens skin, and tones using kombucha, while Lancome's ($38; lifts even the most resistant waterproof eye makeup and leaves a pleasing rose scent. We're also obsessed with Dior's Instant Cleansing Water ($38;, which uses pure lily extract to strengthen the outer layers of your skin. Now there's no excuse to not wash your face!